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With Art Dubai 2013 on our door step, Saffron Souk thought it was a good time to look back on our snaps from 2012’s event. We would like to say these are a few of our favourites, but if that were true there would be hundreds of pics! So here are a selection of a few of those pieces that caught our eye.

4. – 8. So many tactile pieces!

9. – 10. So simple, yet it held our attention for a long time…

11. – 24. So much to look at, including some top notch people watching!

25. – 30. We LOVE!

31. This guy was a treasure, we could have followed him for hours (in fact from memory, I think we did!)

35. BOOKS, yes design, art, architecture, craft – all kinds of lovely books for sale!

To say Saffron Souk is excited about Art Dubai 2013 is an understatement! We know where we will be during 20th – 23rd March, we hope to see you there!