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With a penchant for shopping, a keen eye for the unique and 161 glorious days to indulge ourselves, Saffron Souk has just one destination on our itinerary: Global Village!

Always on the lookout for the unusual and handmade, Global Village does not disappoint. It’s the veritable treasure-trove just waiting to be explored. With handicrafts and local specialties from all corners of the globe on our shopping list, from the edible to ornamental, we take off on a journey like no other.

To record our travels, share our discoveries and inspire others, 161 snap shots of the wonders we found complete our travel journal…

We begin our travels in the Middle East, stopping off at Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Afghanistan and Palestine to name a few. Our stomachs were on our minds the entire time – it’s almost impossible to be distracted from the spectacular selection of food and spices on offer in this part of the globe.

We enjoyed freshly squeezed pomegranate juice and delicious falafel in Syria. The displays of Yemeni spices were spectacular! We sampled olive oil from Palestine and Iranian honey to remedy just about anything. And as if we hadn’t had our fill, we indulged in delightful Turkish delight and Arabic coffee!

We marveled at the carpet making demonstrations, bought original paintings by talented Iraqi artists and admired the remarkable shadow sculptures from Jordan.

The subcontinent is the second leg of our journey, taking in the delights of incredible India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

The vibrant colours are what shines in this part of the world, from the fabrics and handicrafts to the stall holders themselves! We loved rifling through baskets of hand carved wooden sari stamps, trying on shoes and even took a spin on the hand powered merry-go-round!

Next on the Saffron Souk itinerary is a European stopover for Belgian waffles and some Dutch sweets.

We continue through Asia, taking in the sights of Vietnam and China where we admired glossy tableware and ornaments made of semi-precious stones. On to the Americans to buy a Brazilian parrot mobile carved from wood.

Our next stop was Africa and here we shopped to the beat of tribal music! From fantastic hand woven Kenyan baskets to brass Moroccan lamps, Egyptian textiles and moreish biscuits from Tunisia.

The smell of frankincense leads us home and we return to the Gulf…

…sharing stories of the spectacular sights, the colourful characters we met on our travels, the skilled artisans and their incredible array of handicrafts, the banter and bargaining with stallholders and the tasty treats sampled, both savory and sweet – a true celebration of culture around the world.

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