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Saffron Souk have spent a Saturday morning (or two!) down at the Ripe market at the Courtyard, for some time now. This cosy intimate venue is perfect for grabbing a bite of breakfast, a toasty coffee and of course some of that Ripe organic goodness, while doing a spot of shopping… 

2. A Ripe box full of organic vege 3. We can’t overlook a cup of RAW coffee 4. Fait Maison Cusine we love! 5. The Courtyard outdoor setting – you can’t beat it (although the Ripe market at Safa Park may equal it…)

6. The Ripe Market 7. – 9. Gorgeous goodies from 2 Birds Dubai. We can’t wait for these foutas (7.) to land in their online boutique in time for christmas shopping! 8. This necklace was sooo close to coming home with us 9. Nice colour range ladies…


10. – 14. Have you seen RAW bags? They have the most amazing selection of totes & clutches. All handmade in the UAE and they offer FREE worldwide shipping if you make a purchase at their online boutique (11.)  We’re impressed – click here to visit their shop.

15. & 18. This jewellery range from House of Jokoya is one of our favourites – we are hooked on the candy colours. Visit their webshop here. 16. – 17. We have been fans of Tiger & Acardia for a while now; we adore the fabric of these scarfs (17.) & shorts (16.) perfect for sleepwear.

19. The Copper Cove. This Dubai based brand captures Africa in its range of striking jewellery and homewears. Unfortunately we didn’t take a very good snap, so we suggest you click through to their online boutique here to check out their full range of handcrafted solid copper and brass pieces.


20. – 24. How cute are these fabric bags and ornaments from Flake? Each can be customised to suit your design, or to add your personal details, such as a name or letter. Perfect for tagging school items we think! 25. – 26. Looking for handmade gift tags? These designs from Annette Klarboug Pretzmann certainly helped get us into the festive swing of things (and realise that we had better get a crack on with the christmas shopping!)



27. – 29. Adorable seasonal decorations from Drift Wood – and the Courtyard location suits them perfectly! 30. Cards designed by Dubai based BillyCart Prints 31. Organic baby wear from kiwi brand Baby Nature – loving your market set up (and your items!)  32. Friendship is About Dubai – if you haven’t read this book you need to! It is perfect for those newly arrived in town, or perhaps those leaving? To take a closer look (or make a christmas purchase), click through to their online store and have a copy delivered direct to your door. Too easy.


33. Intricate macrame weaved necklace from Harmony Jewellery  34. Swarovski crystal pendants from MC Studio n Design. Click here to see more of their bling. 35. & 36. Fun items from Bside jewellery 37. A picnic basket from Fiat Maison Cuisine – we can’t see any reason not to?

38. – 41. The lovely Sarah from RAW Bags pointed out some of the architectural features of the Courtyard space to us after just having had a chat with the man behind it! We don’t often look up but in many cases it is well worth it and this is definitely one of them! The architect has made use of many salvaged items from around Dubai, from ship yards (38.) to the bed bases of labourers (39.) Thanks for the heads up (literally) Sarah – we feel another blog post coming on!

42. The book exchange bookcase. What a great initiative. You can bring, borrow and take books from this shelf – got to love Dubai! 43. Those amazing olives from Ripe regular ‘Oma’s Best’.  44. We love the foodie items found at Gourmet Point 45. Some goodness from Fait Maison Cuisine.

46. And don’t forget to visit the Ripe Foodie Fridays at Safa Park, Dubai for more of that Ripe goodness (47.) – keep an eye on the Saffron Souk Calendar for details. To get a little taste of what this outdoor market is like, click through to our blog post here.

See you back at the Courtyard next Saturday (9am – 1pm) for another great morning. Thanks Team Ripe for making our weekends special.

We also have an apology to make to Shirley Conlon Organics – our snaps of your gorgeous organic skincare collection were shocking today – we promise we will make good and get our act together next time!