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If you’re looking to get out of town for a day trip or a sneaky weekend away, a drive over to the UAE’s east coast might just be the thing for you. We love the relaxed pace of life in Fujairah and we can’t resist a visit to the stunning Al Bidiyah Mosque when we’re over there. It’s a Saffron Souk favourite.

Remarkably, this little building is thought to date back to the 15th century, making it the oldest mosque in the Emirates. The curved form and pointed dome roof structure makes its design quite unique in the region.

1. The facade and unique triple-domed roof structure…small but perfectly formede

It takes a minute for your eyes to adjust to the light when you step inside. The interior of the mosque is beautifully simple. The space is naturally lit and the small prayer hall was wonderfully cool when we lasted visited back in April, due to the thickness of the walls (although we did notice that AC has been hooked up to deal with the Summer heat!).


1-8. It’s all in the detail…

The mosque is still in regular use and is open each morning to all visitors. There’s an adjacent visitors centre where you can find a small selection of locally made handicrafts. The fans woven from palm fronds were on Saffron Souk‘ shopping list!


At over 500 years old, we love that this building is still in use and that it’s changed so little from when it was first built. A local treasure indeed!