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Located in the former Bankside Power Station in central London, a visit to the Tate Modern is a not to be missed day trip!   As Britain’s national gallery of international modern art, it plays host to some major temporary exhibitions, as well as housing some amazing permanent collection displays. You can be assured that one visit is never enough and repeat visits never bore!

Damen Hirst’s work is a must see (pay the little bit extra of the headphones and self guided tour – it is well worth it!), and then take your time and tinker around the other two floors of permanent works, followed by lunch at the level two café and a visit to the gallery shop. The café provides a great platform for people watching (it overlooks a lawn complete with sun seekers and views of the weird and wonderful) and the gallery shop really is dangerous! Before you know it you will have bags of goodies and be swapping that afternoon walk for a taxi.

2. How did they get such perfect shapes?!    3. Untitled by Donald Judd

4 & 5 Large Split relief No 34/4/74 by Sergio de Camargo

6. 7. & 8. Love how this changes completely as you move around it

9. & 10. ‘Film Star’ by Joth Latham. A second glance & a close up is a must

11.12. & 13. By Pino Pascalli. This piece made with steel wool  is inspired by the traps used to hunt animals in adventure stories and Tarzan films!

14. Even through we are surrounding by lights this was still transfixing! 

15. & 16. An installation by Ewa Partum playing on her notion of ‘poetry as art’

17 & 18. A break from all the colour overload with ‘Small White Pebble Circles’ by Richard long and unknown

19. Striking!