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All things are magical when in miniature. These little microcosms of Summer fun are perfect to bring the outdoors in, when it’s just too toasty to take things outside!

Any glass container can be used to create a mini indoor garden, but for an updated spin on the traditional terrarium, go for a simple vase, bottle or bell jar. If the container has a lid, all the better – the enclosed system means you shouldn’t need to worry about watering, as after an initial spritz the water will be recycled.

1-7. Just about any glass vessel can be used to house your mini indoor garden


Orchids, small ferns, succulents and mosses are perfect to create an indoor garden in a jar. If you don’t have green fingers, go for good quality artificial plants.

A sustainable and quirky alternative to floral arrangements, inject some personality and set your own scene in green!

1-3. An original table centre piece and a quirky conversation starter


1-6. Fabulous details show you can create any theme you can think of


1-4. More details with toy animals or model railway figurines to liven up the scene!