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Who doesn’t love the Saatchi Gallery? It has free admission, a great restaurant (the Gallery Mess Restaurant, Bar & Café) and a tiny (but perfect) gallery store.

The Gallery’s main intention is to provide a public, accessible forum for contemporary art.  Most of the exhibited work is by relatively unknown artists or pieces by international artists that have not been overly exposed within the British market. 

The current exhibition ‘Out of Focus’ is apparently the Gallery’s first photography show in over 10 years. Many of the pieces on display could be considered too explicit for delicate eyes (!), but among the gallery walls you will definitely find some gems, such as the portraits by Katy Grannan; although Grannon’s photographs appear to focus on the very ordinary, they are in fact quite extraordinary!

2. Anonymous, Los Angeles, Boulevard 12, by Katy Grannan.    3. Anonymous, Los Angeles, Boulevard 6, by Katy Grannan

4. & 5. Various works by Mariah Robertson

6. 8. & 9. Untitled by Marlo Pascual    7. Lightness of being by Chris Levine