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Who doesn’t love a spot of people watching? We have to admit that the Middle East provides some good sights in this regard, but we always love a little travel to awaken the visual senses and this Saturday farmers market in the historic city of Cottbus in Germany certainly didn’t disappoint! 

Saffron Souk had a blast soaking up the summer sun as we lazily strolled through the pedestrianized plaza, adjacent to the historic town centre…….

3-5. Some of the wonderful market vendors with their wares.

And it wasn’t just the lovely characters surrounding us that kept us entertained; the goods on offer were amazing (and cheap!).  Ranging from homemade breads, cakes and pastries to local honey, potted plants, cut flowers, fruit and vegetables, delicious cheeses and jams.

6-19. So much on offer, that it really was quite tricky to choose.

19-23. For a farmers market that runs at least three times a week it was busy!  

24-27. Such a range of fresh seasonal fruit and vege.  The berries were incredible and each punnet only cost a couple of euros!

28. After all that activity an ice cream in the adjacent historic town centre is a must!