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Whether you specialize in making one particular item, a thoughtful collection or a random mix of things, your branding is the thing that will hold your business concept together. A brand is so much more than a jazzy logo – it’s the identity of your business and how you portray yourself and your shop to the world, so it needs to be spot on!

To make a strong statement, reflect your brand wherever you can – in your logo, colours, shop banner, stationery, swing tags and labels, packaging, item photography and even your product line. Be inspired by the materials and processes you use and the things you make. The success of your brand depends on how well all these all these elements work together to create a signature aesthetic which is immediately identifiable to your customers. Consistency is the trick!

It’s worth remembering that although you want to attract buyers, you’re not going to appeal to everyone. Keep your target market in mind but make sure you inject some personality. After all, you created the items you’re selling so what could be more personal than that? Own it, love it and incorporate it where ever you can.

For a quick demonstration on successful branding at work (and not to mention a little inspiration) take a look at how the fabulous Donna Hay does it…

1-8. Branding is carried through from the choice of products on sale, how they are packaged and gift wrapped (always using the signature chocolate brown and blue), styled and photographed


1 – 6. Branding is everywhere in the retail shop located in Sydney, from the entrance signage, staff aprons, products on sale and the shop displays – a dangerous place to enter!


1-3. The design of the Donna Hay magazines, website and cook books is…you guessed it…all tied in to that brand of hers!


1-4. The beautiful food styling, the way everything is coordinated and is grouped together so effortlessly is so clever   5. Why! Even the lovely Donna Hay herself is branded…it’s all so tasty!

Can you resist owning a little piece of the Donna Hay lifestyle? Successful branding at work!

All images courtesy of Donna Hay.