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Even if you are not into crafty activities (or can’t thread a needle to save your life) the haberdashery department located on the third floor of Liberty’s will keep you entertained!

They have everything from needlepoint starter kits to pin cushions, buttons, fabric and books, all beautifully presented and packaged.  The ribbon selection will have you drooling.  Basically even if you don’t need anything, you will leave with numerous bits and pieces in tow.

There is also the Liberty Sewing School, inclusive of the ‘Men’s sewing SOS’ Class (designed for all the men out there to get to grips with some practical sewing knowledge!); just in case you know of some one who might be interested……..

3. & 4. irresistible packaging

5. & 6. Liberty ribbons & fabrics

7. An eye catching display

8. So many lovely books