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What a treat to visit the Damien Hirst exhibition at the Tate Modern.  As one of the most iconic (and controversial) artists of his generation, the exhibition takes you on a journey from Hirst’s early work, through to the bling and drama of the final room which pays tribute to the 2008 Sotheby’s auction where the artist broke the mould by selling directly to the buyer, rather than through a gallery space.

2.Mother and Child Divided’, cow in formaldehyde solution 

The exhibition is certainly not for the weak stomached with all the dead animals, blood, flies, cigarette butts and formaldehyde (have a bite to eat following a visit, not before!). However it is full of wonderful surprises……

3.  ‘The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living 1991’, shark in formaldehyde solution

The butterfly room is heart stopping; you could sit there for hours.  But then you are brought back down to earth when you realise that the beautifully graphic but serene pieces that almost look like stained glass windows, are in fact butterfly wings, mapped out on a canvas in all their geometric glory!

4. ‘Sympathy in White Major – Absolution II  2006’ butterflies & household gloss.   5. One of the live butterflies (no more tales – go & see for yourself!).    6 .& 7. Some of Hirsts motorized pieces with the longest, and most apt names :).    8.  Crematorium 1996 (the smell would put any smoker off lighting up again)

If in London before 9th September, put this on your must do list………

Please note photography is not allowed within the exhibition, however friends of Saffron Souk were tempted (and naughty enough) to take some sneaky snaps, and of course we couldn’t resist sharing them with you, after they were shared with us.