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Once you’re done with making your creations, photographing them is quite possibly the single most important aspect of setting up your shop front and listing your items for sale on Saffron Souk. Although we have some top tips in the Help section of Saffron Souk, we felt we needed to offer you a little more to make sure those fab products of yours are well represented in your shop listing images…

As potential buyers can not touch, handle, smell or taste an item that’s for sale, they are completely reliant on your images to interact with it. The more attractive your photos, the more interested and confident a buyer will feel about making a purchase from you and the more likely they will be to share it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest – it really is that simple!

Your photos should reflect the image and aesthetic of your shop front. Show some personality and think carefully about the background, lighting and staging of each photo you take. Try to be consistent between photos for each of your items to help build a stronger brand.

Row 1. Use clean, white backgrounds for a minimalist look   Row 2. Style your items in context for a more informal look with props to set the scene   Row 3. Outdoors backgrounds create a more casual look with natural lighting

The background literally sets the scene for your photos and should be simple and uncluttered. After all, it’s your item that you want buyers to focus on rather than be distracted by the background.

While your background is best kept simple, consider adding some props. Not only will these help scale the item you’re selling, they can help show it in context. Be careful though to ensure that it’s still obvious which item you’re marketing.

Natural lighting is soft and shows the true colours of an item, so suits most items. Try taking your photos with the camera flash turned off as it can drain your item of colour. Depending on the size of your items, building a simple light box with spot lights can be worthwhile. A light box will give you total control of any shadows and can help to emphasize the details of a smaller item – perfect for jewellery.

1. Tables shown in side and birds eye views   2. Wooden birds shown in packaging along with other options available   3. Dress shown on different angles and in detail   4. Detail views of necklace   5. Bangles shown in detail and worn by a model   6. Stationary set shown in and out of packaging to show all elements

Shoot from different angles to give a good representation of your item. Include close up shots to show the detail of the item, like its texture or the decorative finishing of a hem for example. Taking close ups will also allow buyers to see the quality of your item. If you’re zooming in, make sure the photo is still in focus and clear.

Show a product in use. For example, if your item can be worn, it’s helpful to have someone model it so the buyer can have a true understanding of how it hangs.

If you’ve described a feature of your item in the listing description, you should include a photo of it too, whether it’s a particular detail or an alternative colour option, for example. If your item is packaged, show it both ‘in’ and ‘out’ of its packaging. Importantly, don’t misrepresent your item or mislead your potential buyers.

Always take more photos than you need then select the best ones. Once you have downloaded them to your computer it’s worth taking the time to edit them. Most photos aren’t perfect straight off your camera, so take the time to adjust the brightness and contrast and consider cropping the image to remove some of the background and focus all the attention on your item. You can see the image requirements for your listings here and please use the Saffron Souk forum if you have any photography questions to put out there to the wider Saffron Souk community. There is a good thread on the Forum that offers some great tips on free photo editing programs; take a peek here.

Time to get clicking…good luck!